Without Fail by Lee Child

Lee Child never fails to thrill with his Jack Reacher novels and this one is no exception. Reacher – every womans dream man every mans boyhood hero. Once again Reacher takes on the bad guys. This time they are trying to kill the Vice President of the US of A. Reacher, an ex military policeman, travels through America with no ID, no job and no address. Not a wise thing to do in this day and age. He lives off his army pension and gets involved in more fights than Batman and Superman ever had to deal with. Once again Lee Child has put our hero into the middle of another, must read, adventure. I don’t know where Lee Child gets his ideas from but, being selfish,I hope he continues to get them for a long time to come. Great read, as always,hard to put down even to sleep or eat.
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I just love book. I am reading when I eat, travel and probably would read if I could in my sleep.