The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler


“May Day… May Day… We Are Under Attack…

It was impossible to believe that a World War 1 Albatross bi-plane could wreak such havoc and destruction. But as Pitt banked his lumbering World War II amphibious plane and Giordino braced himself, rifle in hand, at the open waist-hatch, the vintage marauder reappeared.

Flying out of the sun, Pitt had caught his quarry unaware. But the wily pilot of the Albatross recovered quickly, luring Pitt into a bizarre and lethal dog-fight.

Then the Albatross dipped in the traditional flyer’s acknowledgment of defeat and vanished as suddenly and mysteriously as it had appeared.

In his efforts to uncover the source behind the sabotage of a scientific expedition, Pitt finds himself in the company of a psychopathic ex-Nazi; an unrelenting narcotics agent; a savage, bloodthirsty Greek strongman; a beautiful double-agent; and an amateur egg-head commando group.”

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