The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


The Lost Symbol is a mystery-thriller novel written by American author Dan Brown.
The Lost Symbol begins in a similar fashion- highly researched, gripping detail, modern characters involved with an ancient ritualistic medium. The Masons have a long and legendary journey through history, associated with some of the world’s greatest triumphs, famous incidents and deep mysteries.
Our hero Robert Langdon is back. He’s been called to Washington DC to give a speech. The evening doesn’t quite turn out as planned, and Langdon is caught up in yet another mysterious plot. His close friend has been kidnapped, the captor leaving a series of clues leading to the Mason’s most closely guarded secret.
I was hooked from the first page. The depth and richness of the plot was enough to keep me reading all day. The characters seem less intellectual than Code , relying on each other to provide information. Astute readers can see major plot developments fifty pages in advance; this was also a problem encountered in the Da Vinci Code. Three quarters in, having most of the problems finally resolved, I lost interest. Once the climax of the story wanes, there’s a tenuous thread to try to keep the reader going, but it’s weak at best. Where Da Vince Code travelled all over Europe, Lost Symbol stays smack bang in Washington, unveiling long-hidden secrets, symbols, mysteries and legends. We are introduced to, and teased by, Noetic Sciences and the promise that ‘real’ science really can prove the paranormal.

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