Switch by Chip and Dan Heath


Switch by Chip and Dan Heath business book reviewsWritten by Chip and Dan Heath, Switch is another best seller about, as the cover says, ‘how to change things when change is hard’. Common topics such as how to convince your boss, how to change the way things in the workplace operate and dealing with the obstacles, how to make changes in one’s personal life and more.

It is a motivational and inspiring book that cleverly uses metaphoric descriptions to provide insight. In the book we are asked to imagine the elephant and rider, and see the rider as the rational and logical while the elephant represents the emotions or gut response). Then he presents the scenario that if the rider can direct the elephant down a well planned path then change is likely, and if not then the elephant will always win. The book is separated into three chapters and each one suggests a specific behaviour one can follow.

It’s a very entertaining self help book with some scientific research support, a rewarding read.