The Riftwar Saga

The riftwar saga book covers
The riftwar saga book covers


The Riftwar Saga is a series of fantasy novels by Raymond E. Feist.

This story is set in the RiftWare Universe and features the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan. Human magicians and other creatures on the two planets are able to create rifts through dimensionless space that can connect planets in different solar systems.

  1. Magician (1982) (later republished Magician: Apprentice (1986) and Magician: Master (1986))
  2. Silverthorn (1985)
  3. A Darkness at Sethanon (1986)

A few of the main character are Pug also known as Milamber, Macros the Black, Tomas Megarson, Arutha conDoin, Lyam conDoin, Meecham, Magician Kulgan & Jimmy the Hand.

If you have read this series, you must read The Empire Trilogy, which is set along side The Riftwar Saga in the fictional universe of Kelewan