Launch by Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas

Launch by Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas business book reviews
Launch by Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas

Launch by Authors Nelson Searcy contains the most practical advice on how to launch a large Evangelical church, but what’s also brilliant is these methods are also transferable to launching any business. It adds a different perspective to the mix, one that shows the benefits of evolving your clients or customers into having devotion similar to those who are committed by faith. Harley Davidson, Apple, Porsh and others have a customer base who loves their business.

An interesting book filled with humour, practical advice, and real encouragement for those who are struggling with the next step in creating a thriving business. Its’ a perception to make a launch in any business a great event (Steve Jobs did that), as well as aggregate new customers to the company. Interesting fundamentals behind launching a church which every entrepreneur should read about.