Find your lightbulb – By Mike Harris

Find your lightbulb – By Mike Harris business book reviews
Find your lightbulb – By Mike Harris

Based on his experiences of building a multi-million-dollar business over the years, Mike Harris, through his book Find your Lightbulb, gives you a to-the-point guide in finding an idea and bringing it to life.

Harris believes you don’t have to be a genius, or have a unique idea for a business to make it; just enthusiasm, a good plan, willingness to learn and unwillingness to be derailed. He uses real examples from his own experiences of what worked and what didn’t.

The book is written clearly and effectively with a style that is very down to earth, which is critical for entrepreneurs needing insight into responsibilities that can be daunting such as leadership, planning, and marketing.

Highly recommended read for start-ups and business owners who haven’t tapped yet tapped into their unique potential.