Drenai Series

david gemmell drenai saga book covers
Book Covers – Drenai Saga 1-8


The Drenai Series is a fantasy series by British writer David Gemmell. The series is about the history of the Drenai Nation and follows various heroes through the ages of its history.

  1. Legend (1984)
  2. The King Beyond the Gate (1985)
  3. Waylander (1986)
  4. Quest for Lost Heroes (1990)
  5. Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf (1992)
  6. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993)
  7. The Legend of Deathwalker (1996)
  8. Winter Warriors (1997)
  9. Hero in the Shadows (2000)
  10. White Wolf (2004)
  11. The Swords of Night and Day (2004)

A few of the main characters in this saga are Waylander The Slayer, Druss the Legend, Tenaka Khan, Ulric Khan, Skilgannon The Damned & Hewla (The Old Woman). You will also come across The Thirty, who are a group of warrior priests formed by a Source priest Dordalion.