Connected Marketing by Justin Kirby


Connected Marketing by Justin Kirby business book reviewsJustin Kirby’s ‘Connected Marketing’, explains the world of online marketing and the power of word of mouth, complete with insightful examples and case studies. The book is neatly sectioned into a number of ‘easy to read’ articles by different experts. The world is crowded with a vast range of services and products competing for our attention, which has in turn resulted in increasing cynicism amongst consumers. In today’s climate marketers have to try an approach different from the norm if they are to survive.

This book provides a number of effective alternatives. As such it is thoroughly recommended to anyone wondering why their traditional marketing is not delivering a satisfactory return on investment and is looking for a new approach.

It is particularly essential for both consultants wanting to fast track their knowledge and awareness, and for brand owners needing to put a unique slant into their communications strategies.