Buzzmarketing – By Mark Hughes

Buzz marketing – By Mark Hughes business book reviews
Buzz marketing – By Mark Hughes

In the book ‘Buzzmarketing’, Author Mark Hughes shares his advice and experiences he gained while running as the vice president of marketing at online retailer, With a small advertising budget he increased the number of customers from zero to eight million in three years, by transforming the company into a magnet for media attention.
Mark believes there are six buttons which can be used to create great word-of-mouth campaigns:

1. The taboo – sex, lies, and bathroom humor.
2. The unusual.
3. The outrageous.
4. The hilarious
5. The remarkable.
6. The secret – both the revealed and unrevealed.

Understanding that, the author says, there are six steps to creating a campaign:

1. Push the right button.
2. Capture the media.
3. Advertise for attention.
4. Climb the mountain.
5. Discover creativity.
6. Police your product.

This book is excellent for business owners who have limited funds to spend on advertising, and are looking for effective ways to maximise their budget and get their products noticed.