43 mistakes Businesses Make…and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne

43 mistakes Businesses Make...and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne business book reviews
43 mistakes Businesses Make…and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne

A no nonsense, straight to the point guide that’s rather fitting of it’s author, the incredibly successful multi-millionaire businessman, Duncan Bannatyne, shares his wisdom in the book, ‘43 mistakes Businesses make’.

Some of the ‘mistakes’ he reflects on while may seem obvious at first (such as ‘failure to take responsibility’ or ‘Being flattered by turnover’) do provide valuable insight and encourages every entrepreneur to take a step back and look at what is really happening with their business. It also indicates a fact that what would seem like common sense are exactly the things that have become common pitfalls for many people in business. Other important topics such as the ‘sensitivity analysis’ are given considerable focus.

While it is a relatively short book that could do with expansion in some topic areas, what is given here is professional, rewarding advice which is useful in particular for those with limited business experience (although there is some value to be found for the more experienced as well). This book is also ideal for small – medium sized businesses.

A must read for every entrepreneur.
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